4.1 Creating targeted posts for marketing

Are you looking for creative ways to improve your Facebook engagement?

Have you been searching for innovative ways to develop your Facebook engagement?

You can eventually get more engagement by simply thinning the people who could see your posts. It may seem ironic, right? However, this system definitely works when done perfectly.

What Are Facebook Targeted Posts?

Facebook today allows you to target your posts by a wider range of options such as:

  • Gender: male or female
  • Relationship status: single, in a relationship, engaged or married
  • Educational status: in high school, in college, college grad
  • Interested in: men or women
  • Age: select a range between 13 and 65
  • Location: country, region or state, city
  • Language: Type in the language

To this point, Facebook has not added exact interests or other types of targeting that are available in Facebook Ads.

Furthermore, understand that not everybody enters this information in his or her profile, thus you might overlook a few of your target market by thinning the post reach.

However if you use these targeting options sensibly, you be able to have a huge impact on the interaction in your post.

If you have targeting available on your post, you will be able to see the cross-hairs icon in your status area. To begin narrowing your target, simply click on it and then click Add Targeting as shown.



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