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A recent meet up for FILM MAKERS

Film Making & Fun

Sydney, AU
1,111 Creative Enthusiast Film Makers

Film Making and Fun (FMF) Group is for film makers looking to network in order to bring their SHORT FILM projects to completion. (for promotion, competitions, or those with an…

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Enjoy the Christmas break.

Be safe, and careful of the sun. Cancer’s a bitch.

A good time to plan and prepare for your next film.


I urge all struggling film makers to MAKE Films.
Or else one day you might be saying:

“I started out with a dream, and somehow I spent the majority of my life driving a train up and down this track.”

If your not making films, your not a film maker.

So what do you really want to be.

I’m shooting another film this weekend.


Marcus Cloherty.

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