5.2a How to increase traffic to your blog or website

YouTube is the most popular video publishing and sharing site, and it’s a great place to publish your own video content for the purpose of driving traffic to your blog. With a bit of creative thinking and some planning, you can develop a YouTube presence that effectively grows your blog audience. Following are 10 tips to help you do it.

  1. Create a YouTube Channel for Your Blog

Anyone can create a YouTube channel and brand it for their blog. Take a few minutes to create your own YouTube channel, so you can upload all of your blog-related videos to that channel. This makes it easy for you to promote your videos and for your audience to find them.



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  1. Create and Upload Videos that are Relevant to Your Blog Audience

The key to using YouTube as a blog marketing tool is to ensure the videos you create and upload to your YouTube channel are relevant to your blog audience. If your videos have nothing to do with your blog topic or aren’t useful and meaningful to your blog audience, there is little incentive for anyone to travel back and forth between your blog and your YouTube channel. If you want to convert more people into blog traffic that turns into loyal readers, your YouTube channel content needs to be consistent with your blog content.

  1. Include Keywords in Your Video Descriptions

Take the time to write an accurate and interesting description of each video that you upload to your YouTube channel, and be sure to use keywords in those descriptions to ensure more people find them.

  1. Include Transcriptions

Adding transcriptions to your YouTube videos is great for search engine optimization because it gives you the opportunity to use more keywords. It’s also a great way to increase sharing, because people can quickly and easily share quotes from your text transcription in their own blog posts and social media posts. That means more exposure for you, your videos, and your blog!

  1. Include Your Blog URL at the Beginning and End of Each Video

Add an introduction and closing frame to your videos that shows your blog URL, so people can easily visit your blog for more information. Of course, include your blog URL in your YouTube channel description and your video description, too.

  1. Consider Including Annotations

Annotations can be used to highlight points during your videos, share additional information at appropriate times, and even direct viewers to specific URLs. Use annotations sparingly or they can damage the viewer experience on your videos. However, if an annotation will offer useful information to viewers, include it.

  1. Make Your Videos Public and Allow Comments

The most important thing you need to do in order to use YouTube for blog marketing is to make sure your videos are public and allow people to comment on them. Give people the opportunity to view your videos and discuss them to get the most exposure and reach from them.

  1. Allow Sharing and Embedding of Your Videos

You should upload all of your videos so that anyone can share those videos with their own audiences and embed those videos on their own websites and blogs. This is how your videos can reach wider audiences than you can tap into alone. And of course, you should embed your videos in blog posts on your own blog, too.

  1. Create Playlists

To keep viewers engaged with your video content, create playlists where related videos play one right after the other. Playlists are also indexed by search engines separately from individual video indexing, which gives your videos get added exposure in online searches.

  1. Include a YouTube Channel Subscription Icon on Your Blog

Cross-promotion is important in any marketing initiative, so you should cross-promote your YouTube channel on your blog. When you create your YouTube channel, you’ll have the option to embed code on your blog that invites people to subscribe to your YouTube channel with the click of a button. Be sure to publish it on your blog as soon as possible.


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