3.4 Youtube

Youtube which is owned by Google and can be accessed either within your gmail account or outside of it – provides youtube videos from all over the world, these can be commercialised depending on number of view.

You can upload your own video, create your own channel and share through other social media sites.


You have the option when uploading the video to select 


WARNING – do not close the window while upload is in progress – you can open other tabs and move away – but leave the window open.

When complete click PUBLISH to make the video live

The Video will not be LIVE until the Processing is complete and the following will be displayed –


PROCESSING 11% – 2 minutes remaining. -Microwave Jenny
Upload complete! Your video will be published at http://youtu.be/L_nMX3g0W4g once it’s done processing.
SHARE  – copy and paste the link to send
EMBED – copy and paste the code into a website or blog page
EMAIL – Email opens with a To: and Message box – the link will be sent
Thumbnails are created
Tags can be seen-with the option to make the video private

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