1.2 Text

Creating text in individual layers and changing the layer styles

text 1

  1. Save an image onto your desktop that could be a good background
  2. Open Photoshop (PS)
  3. Click on FILE/NEW
  4. Click on T (side tool bar) and draw a text box
  5. Change the width and height to 500 pixels/OK
  6. Type your motto word
  7. Write down the changes you make to your image
  8. Change font/ size 12/ and colour (top menu bar)
  9. Click on MOVE tool and  centre the text
  10. Click on LAYER/NEW LAYER  and repeat steps 4-8 another 3 words
  11. Click on LAYER/NEW LAYER and drag in the picture from your desktop
  12. Move around layer levels (like a stack of paper what is on the top is on the top)
  13. Click on Layer Style (fx in layers tab or top menu)
  14. Hide a layer (click on the eye next to the layer name to hide and show)
  15. Explore the options on each individual layer
  16. Change the opacity
  17. Click on shape in tool bar

Ex 1

  1. Note: Always make a new layer so you don’t have to delete everything