5 The Dreaded Pen tool

  1. Drag in file – rename the layer as flower
  2. Click on Path in palette area
  3. Select Pen tool and roughly click around the image – not to many points
  4. cut out pic
  5. Click on convert point tool to get handles to reshape corners (note I didn’t do this step which is why there are sharp selections)
  6. Click on direct selection tool to re position a point
  7. 2 x Click on the flower LAYER padlock to unlock (if there)
  8. Click on PATHS tab in the palette
  9. Click on Load path as a selection (on bottom of layer) and is selected
  10. Click back on flower LAYER in palette
  11. Click on Select / Inverse/ Delete
  12. Delete the back ground
  13. Create a new layer and label it Background
  14. Drag the new layer under the Flower layer
  15. Select a colour and click on paint tin and fill the backgroundflower fininshed

To create a stroke around selection

  1. Click on PATHS
  2. CMD + C and CMD + V
  3. Go back to Layers
  4. Right click on the layer
  5. Click on Blending Options
  6. Highlight stroke
  7. Resize the outline


With thanks to Vincent, Heather, Hedy, Syd and Zoe