9.3 Depth of Field Blur background

CS5 Extended


select the quick mask tool (bottom of tool palette) and then the brush tool

select a soft round brush and paint around the subject with a bit of background

click the quick mask tool to create the selection

filter/blur/radial blur

set zoom as the blur method – choose the quality and adjust the amount for the intensity


Photoshop Tutorial CS5: How To Create a Funny Dog Face









Check out google depth of field imagesdepth-of-field

Open up an image – select/focus area

Select New Layer layer mask – accept –

play with the focus area

erase what you want – change size of eraser – around the hair use a hard brush

Check out the background layer – turn the eye on

duplicate the layer – CMD J or right click on the layer

Click on background and FILTER/BLUR/LENS BLUR

Click on the Mask box on the Layer and increase the feather tool to soften around the head