9.1 Put one picture into another



Copy the image of the body and the head and save into your folder

Open Photoshop and create a new file 1070 x 1171 pixels with a white back ground

Drag the image of the body onto the new page

Create a new layer and drag the image of the head onto the page

Turn off the body image layer eye

Select the elliptical marquee tool and draw around the boys head

Move the selection around if you want or

CMD or CTRL Z to undo if the selection is not what you want and start again

Click on Edit and Copy the selection

Hide the boy layer and open the Body layer

Use the Move tool to put the head onto the body in position

Zoom into the image

Click on the eraser and erase parts of the boy image that don’t look right

Make sure you are on the layer that you want to erase

Change the size of the eraser if needed

Select the Smudge tool to go over where the two pictures combine