1.1 Drawing

Creating a new document and setting up folder

  1. On desktop create a folder with your name (Ctrl + Click)
  2. At the end of the class drag this folder into Documents
  3. 2 x clicks to open the folder and create a sub folder PS week 1
  4. Ctrl + Click in blank area/create new folder/type week 1 for the name


  1. Open PS – Photoshop
  2. Change to Design Preset (top right)
  3. Replace the panels by dragging in the black heading above their name
  4. File/New/Name – Drawing
  5. Click on Preset and select International Paper/A4
  6. Resolution 150 pixels (no home printer can go higher) – 300 is used for wallpaper as it is crisp
  7. Colour – RGB
  8. Background – white – Transparent is good for logos
  9. For custom size designs you may want to save as this Preset and give it a name

  1. Click on Brush tool (right side)
  2. Draw a face
  3. Click Edit/Undo or Step backward
  4. Colour swatches – play with colours
  5. Sign your name
  6. (Note – this is all on the one layer called Background)
  7. Click on T tool and type Week 1 Drawing
  8. (notice a new layer is created)
  9. Click on the Background layer and select the eraser tool
  10. Erase out your name
  11. (Note: change the colour to white)
  12.  Create a new layer and select the Brush tool and write your name
  13. Click on the layer name and change it to name
  14. Create a new layer and draw a picture of a flower
  15. Click on the background layer – choose a colour with pain tin drop the colour
  16. Drop the paint into the eyes
  17. (Note: if the circle is not closed the paint will drip out onto the page
  18. Ctrl + S will save to last location saved to
  19. File /Save As /Jpg
  20. Check JPG options – small, large etc