4.1 Removing acne


Ex 4.1 How to remove acne in PS

The redness in the face is the main problem so we will get rid of first then each zit.

  1. Save the acne image at the bottom of the page into your folder
  2. Open the acne jpg – note the image is on a background layer
  3. Duplicate the layer (note the name is background copy) this is the layer we will work on to keep the original image
  4. Select the Essentials preset
  5. Click on Adjustment layer (the half circle on the bottom of layers pallet)
  6. Select Hue/Saturation – Note a new layer is created
  7. Drag the Hue/Saturation slider up and down and note the changes
  8. On LAYER PALLET next to HAND icon
  9. Select REDS (above the HUE) so we can narrow down the problem
  10. Crank the HUE up to +100 to view the changes & SATURATION to +32

Note the slider on the PALLET under COLOURISE shows 315/45 and 15/45 there are two lines – PS will take the top colour and turns into the bottom colour

  1. Slide the bottom slider up & down, this effects different parts of the image
  2. Move slider to stop at 302/332 and 3/32
  3. Note the green colour targets the red lips & zits are highlighted
  4. Click on the tool THE SPOT HEALING BRUSH TOOL (left side) under EYEDROPER tool & next to the paintbrush
  5. Change size of SPOT HEALING BRUSH TOOL to 91
  6. Change SATURATION to 0 & HUE to 0 – Note the difference
  7. Change HUE to +19 be close to skin tone colour & SATURATION + 0
  8. Change LIGHTNESS to +43, SATURATION to +16 ; HUE to +24

Note – the changes as these three tools target the REDS

  1. Turn new layer EYE off to see the before & after (Put layer eye back on)

To add colour back into the lips click on the new HUE SATURATION LAYER MASK

  1. Change PAINT BRUSH size to suit the size of the lips and paint lips with black colour & the original colour comes through (use eraser and ZOOM +)
  2. Click on LAYER/NEW LAYER & call it New Layer
  3. Select the SPOT HEALING BRUSH ensure you are on the ESSENTIALS PRESET (top right)
  4. Check the CONTENT AWARE (top menu) & this will automatically adjust what is around the red areas
  5. Tick SAMPLE ALL LAYERS (Top menu) check box
  6. Be on the NEW LAYER not the LAYER MASK
  7. Use same brush size as the Zit & paint over each Zit (with black)
  8. If you do too much you can use the eraser tool or just paint over it again as it grabs the sample and paints over the image

Note the majority of work was done when we removed the redness & now we need to ad more redness to make the face look a little more natural

  1. Create a NEW LAYER and select the EYE DROPPER TOOL & click on the lips to select the colour
  2. Click on PAINTBRUSH tool resize your brush approximately 240
  3. Be on the NEW LAYER to add more red to the chin & cheeks
  4. On LAYER PALLET above the lock select SOFT LIGHT/OPACITY 29%
  5. Click on the lips to get the colour
  6. Paint the cheeks & over the tops of the face
  7. Select the 3 layers above the background and GROUP them