3.3 Splash colour mask

Layer Masks – colour splash effect-

goal is to isolate the colour of the egg and make the rest into black and white.

  1. Save the colour image below into your folder (note it is a PNG)
  2. File
  3. Open the egg JPG image
  4. Right click on layer and Duplicate layer
  5. 2 x clicks on the padlock to unlock the layer
  6. name the layer colour layer

Note: Layer on the top will have the effects – layer on bottom with original colour will show through

  1. Click on the colour layer in the layer palette
  2. Click on IMAGE/ADJUSTMENTS/HUE/Saturation or CMD + U turn DOWN the saturation slider to  = -100% OK

Note: A white box that has appeared on the layer in the palette


  1. Select a small paintbrush
  2. Paint the BLACK colour onto the layer mask (see the line appear in the white box on the layer palette)
  3. Fill in the shape of the egg
  4. To change brush size click  [  ]  to get detail

Note: Pen tool or Lasoo tool  is more precise but today we are using the BRUSH tool

  1. To Fix the edges turn HARDNESS of brush up to the 100% MAX
  2. Paint with WHITE to reveal the layer
  3. CMD (+) ( – ) to  zoom in and out
  4. Use BLACK colour to get the details – to change to white colour click X
  5. WHITE will erase colour of background layer
  6. Click on BACKGROUND layer EYE to see cut out of egg

Note: the difference in the palette on the Mask Layer (white box) between paint on the Layer by clicking on each and drawing over the egg


  1. You can individually select the “white box” or the layer in the layer pallet & paint

Note the difference and the great thing about layer masks is you can use any effect now

  1. Click on the black and white layer
  2. Click on Filter/Radial blur i.e. the radial blur still follows the layer mask and keeps the original egg the same, but the background is blurred
  3. Try filters – and lower the opacity on the layer palette
  4. On the image – brighten/contrast turn down to 39
  5. Edit and fade if the effect is too strong

Egg mask PS