2.2 Hamburger

  1. Open PS / New / 800 x 600 Pixels/Essentials pallet
  2. Resolution 72 (wont be printing and it keeps the file size small)
  3. RGB OK
  4. Click D to RESET colours to black and white (bottom left)
  5. Select BRUSH/ change SIZE to 35 / change HARDNESS to zero
  6. WRITE your name
  7. Change HARDNESS to 100% and note the difference when your write your name again
  8. Note – brackets next to letter P [  ] to resize the tool
  9. Click on ERASER and erase

Lets draw a hamburger

  1. RESET colour to black and white – click D
  2. Click on BRUSH/ RESIZE to 500px  and CHANGE the COLOUR to brown for the bun
  3. Click on PAGE to draw a circle for the bun
  4. Change BRUSH size to 50/ COLOUR to green
  5. DRAW some lettuce on top of the bun
  6. Click ERASE (check size ) and erase the lettuce – note all erases
  7. Click EDIT to STEP BACKWARDS and delete lettuce
  8. Create a NEW LAYER and change the LABEL to Lettuce (note you are on lettuce layer)
  9. DRAW lettuce onto the bun and add different shades of colour to the lettuce

Note: Layer concepts – layers are in top down order.

  1. Add a new LAYER named tomato/ change brush to 250, red colour and draw tomato – add different shades to the tomato
  2. Add a new layer named mustard/ change colour and draw
  3. Add a new layer named sauce/ change colour and draw
  4. Hide all layers except the background – by dragging down on the eye
  5. With eyedropper tool sample the colour of the background bun (note colour changes)

Note: We could have started with a new blank layer rather than using the background and duplicated the layer for the top bun layer for colour accurateness

  1. DRAG up the eyeballs to show all layers
  2. Add a new LAYER named top bun/ change brush size to 500/ draw the top bun
  3. Change brush size to small/draw sesame seeds on the top of the bun
  4. Select MOVE tool and move round the layers

Note: you need to click on the layer to move it or right click on the screen to see the layer name and select from there

  1. Select TEXT tool/TYPE hamburger on top of the page and your name on bottom of the page
  2. Save into your folder as hamburger.psd and hamburger.jpg