Short cut keys for Macs

Hide the dock
If you are  interrupted by the dock popping up, simply press Command + Option + D to hide (and recover) the dock.

For the definition of a word, instead of exiting to go to the dock, simply highlight the text and press Command + Control + D to get an instant definition from your Mac’s dictionary.

Hide and Seek
Hiding that online game or the footy scores is as simple as pressing Command + Option + M to minimise all windows open immediately.

Finding things by pressing Command + Option + A from anywhere will spring to life the applications folder. Similarly, pressing Command + Option + D will open a new finder window, showing off your desktop.

Open Sesame
To switch effortlessly between web pages, word documents and all other open windows  Command + ~.

Pressing Command + Space and typing ‘holiday pictures’ etc. will take you to your holiday pictures folder before you have had time to type ‘holiday’.

Arts and Crafts
Similar to PCs, you have the option to cut, copy and paste. However the keys are slightly different on Apple Macs.

Cut – Command + X
Copy – Command + C
Paste – Command + V
Select All – Command + A

Command + Option + Escape will allow you to force quit any pesky applications which are slowing your computer’s progress.


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