3.5 Spelling and grammar check

Not only does Word allow you to Undo possible mistakes in your document and Paste corrections, but it also automatically reviews your grammar and spelling as you type. Green wavy lines are placed underneath possible grammar mistakes, and red wavy lines are placed under possible spelling mistakes. All of Word’s grammar and spelling errors may not be correct, so you can choose to ignore these error markings and keep typing, or you can correct the mistakes and/or add the corrections to Word’s dictionary.

Checking spelling as you type

Word puts a red wavy line under possible spelling mistakes.

Misspelling Example

If you click on the suspected misspelling, Word gives you one or more suggested corrections.

Spell Check Options

To use Spell Check as You Type:

  • Place your I-beam over the misspelled word and rightclick.
  • A menu list displays the following options: Bold-faced suggested spellings, Ignore, add to Dictionary, AutoCorrect, Language, and Spelling.
    • Select the bold-faced suggestion to replace the incorrectly spelled word in the document.
    • Select Ignore, and Word ignores all future instances of this spelling in this document.
    • Select Add to Dictionary, and Word adds the underlined word to the dictionary so it won’t be flagged as an error in any other document you create.
    • Select AutoCorrect to add the correct spelling to your list of words that Word automatically corrects as you type.
    • Select Language to specify a word as part of another language, preventing Word from seeing this word as a mistake.
    • If you select spelling, the Spelling and Grammar dialog box appears.

Checking grammar as you type

Word puts a green wavy line under possible grammar mistakes.

To work on suspected grammatical mistakes:

  • Place your I-beam over the grammatical mistake and rightclick.
  • A menu list displays the following options: bold-faced grammar suggestion, Ignore, Grammar, and About this Sentence.
    • Select Ignore, and Word ignores the grammatical mistake it believes to exist.
    • Select Grammar, and the Grammar dialog box appears.
    • Select About this Sentence, and the Office Assistant will offer you reasons as to why Word believes this to be a grammatical error.

Grammar Error Example

Important point If the red and green wavy lines distract you, you can turn them off:

  • Choose Tools Options from the menu bar. The Options dialog box appears.
  • Click the Spelling and Grammar tab.
  • Uncheck Check Spelling as You Type or Check Grammar as You Type so the check box is empty.
  • Click OK.

CompleteDon’t forget to use the spelling and grammar check!

Did you know?

Have you ever realized after typing a long paragraph that you accidentally left the caps lock on and all of your letters are in upper case? Fortunately, you will not have to retype the text to correct this mistake. Word offers a quick solution by allowing you to either select the upper-case text and pressing Shift+F3 or clicking Format on the menu bar and selecting Change Case. Choose the correct option from the Change Case dialog box.


Challenge  – Copy the following two paragraphs and paste onto a Word document

“We need more studies to detemine the most efective type of yoga for people with Parkinsons and at what doisage,” says Becky Farley, a physical therapist and research assistant professor at the University of Arizona. ‘However, I’ve seen what happens when people with PD embrace yoga…It [induces] relaxationwhich helps control tremors, activatedaffected muscle groupsand can be a steady reminder of where your body should be and how it should move.”

In her own research, Farley found that certain exercises that target the torso and trunk can help prevent rigidity and maintain normal walking and a sense of balanceStiffness in the body’s core is one of happymost debilitating symptoms of PD because it hampers a person’s ability to walk across into roomsimply stand uprightRestorative twists and poses that strengthen the trunk are thought to reduce stiffness and improve mobility. And they give me the energy I need to counteract insomnia (a nasty side effect of the medication I take) and the lethargy that Parkinson’s brings on.

  1. Open a WORD document
  2. Copy the text under challenge (two paragraphs) and paste into the word document
  3. CUT the last sentence out and paste it above the first paragraph
  4. Correct the spelling errors
  5. Save the following image into your Pictures folder
  6. Insert the image into your word document
  7. Copy the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and paste into your word document


Exercise 2

Copy and paste this text to your word document

Cut and paste these into the correct order

Save your document as Exercise 1 – File/save as/ Name the document/ Select documents/ your folder (or make a folder)/ click save


4.clean your teeth

2.make your dinner

6.go to bed

1.get ready for bed

3.eat your dinner

5.do some yoga