3.4 AutoCorrect

Word’s AutoCorrect feature can assist you in word processing tasks. AutoCorrect can help you locate misspelled words and correct them as you type. AutoCorrect can also be customized so that commonly used words will be automatically entered without having to type the entire word.


When typing the misspelled word “stannd”, Word will automatically convert this typo to the correct spelling, “stand”.


Find and Replace

Word XP allows you to search for specific words in your document, as well as fonts, special characters, and formats. The Find and Replace functionality can help save you time and effort in your word processing goals.

For example, consider a document you are editing that displays that Word 2000 needs to be updated to Word XP. Currently, the document has the text “Word 2000″ typed again and again throughout the document. Using Find and Replace to replace “Word 2000″ with “Word XP” will save you time and effort in your editing process.


  • Click Edit on the menu bar.
  • Select Find. The Find and Replace dialog box appears.
  • Type a word, phrase, or format in the Find What box.
  • Click Find Next to start the search.
  • Word will jump to the first instance of this word and will highlight the word for easy location.
  • Continue clicking the Find Next button to find all other instances of this word.


  • Click Edit on the menu bar.
  • Select Replace. The Find and Replace dialog box appears.
  • Type the word, phrase, or format in the Find What: box that you are searching for.
  • Type the word, phrase, or format in the Replace With: box that will replace what is in the Find What: box.
  • Click Find Next to conduct your search.
  • When Word finds a word of phrase, do one of the following:
    • Ignore it
    • Click Replace
    • Click Replace All to replace every occurrence of the selected text with the replacement text
  • Click Find Next to bypass it and find the next.
  • Click Cancel to quit.

Did you know?

Thesaurus: a book of words that have the same or nearly the same meaning

Are you having trouble finding the right word to use? Word offers a Thesaurus feature that can help you find just the right word.

Using the Thesaurus:

  • Click Tools on the menu bar.
  • Select Language, then follow the cascading menu to Thesaurus.