2.2 Practice filming techniques


The only way to get better at talking about movies is to practice identifying its techniques and using the terminology.   

More Film Techniques


Camera Movement:   Review your basic shots and angles AND learn a few techniques filmmakers use to enhance their stories.

Deceptive Camera Shots  The zolly and how to use multiple angles.

Action Genre: Camera angles and editing tips for action films



 Point of View:  List the variety of ways this short film creates point of view and write down the  camera techniques used to depict certain emotions.

Experimental Video:  Identify a variety of shots, angles, tracking styles, cuts, fades, and other EDITING techniques used in this experimental filming of a modern dancer.


360 Degree Panorama:  Explore the special effect created with 10 cameras.  How is it done?  What effects are created?

Storyboards:  What are they? how do I do them?  Really helpful site because.

Try a Quickie Storyboard: Practice a couple of storyboard frames.

Academy Awards


Visit the official Oscar website to see clips from the nominated films.  Then click on any of the items on the playlist (menu on the right).