2.5 Intention and audience

Intention and audience
You need to start thinking about the intention and audience of your media product.
Who are you creating the media product for?
What do you want it to achieve?


What do you hope to achieve by producing your media product?

Again, it is useful to be specific.

When writing your intention, think carefully about what you hope to achieve.

Write about the purpose, impact and outcome of your media product.


Who are you making your media product for?

It may seem like a simple question but it’s something you have to put a great deal of consideration into when completing your production design plan.

The knowledge, expectations and experience of your audience will inform every stage of the planning and production of your media product.

Avoid generalisations.

It’s not helpful to write that your intended audience will be ‘adults’ or ‘teenagers’.

You need to have a clear audience in mind.



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