2.8 Trailer fun

If this sounds just too much work for you, don’t despair as iMovie has another trick up its sleeve.

When you clicked on the ‘Create’ button back in Step 1, there was a second option available to you: Trailer. Let’s take a look at it now.

You’ll be given a choice of 29 different genres, each with a number of cast members needed and a specific duration. You can preview any trailer by moving the cursor over it and clicking on its ‘Play’ button.


Once you’ve selected the one you wish to use, the interface will chance and the bottom section dedicated to creating your movie is replaced by three tabs.

‘Outline’ allows you to type in any relevant information like your movie’s title, the name of the people featured in it, and the credits.

The ‘Storyboard’ tab is where all the fun lies: each trailer is built around specific requirements like actions shots, close ups, landscapes, etc. ‘Storyboard’ shows you that list in chronological order.



Select the clip that best matches the request and a set length will be added to your project.

The trailer section will then automatically move to the next request on the list so all you really need do is keep choosing clips and the Trailer will be built as you go.

Of course, a trailer is not the full movie and the eye popping result may well get your friends and family to ask you to create the actual film, in which case, you’ll have no choice but to follow steps 1 to 7!