2 Media

Media Resources

Rich media is the key to a good short film. The resources below will help students find what they need.

  • Wikimedia Commons– a wiki database of Creative Commons or Public Domain images.
  • Flickr– a photo and video sharing site where most works are licensed under Creative Commons. The Advanced Search allows students to search only for Creative Commons licensed media.
  • FlickrStorm– another way to search through Flickr that provides even more results. There is an option to search for only images that have been licensed for reuse.
  • Jamendo– a music sharing site of all legal to use songs.
  • Google Advanced Image Search– setting the usage rights shows images that are labeled with a Creative Commons license
  • Library of Congress– an online catalog of thousands of prints and photos currently archived at the LOC. Most of the resources can be published without having to seek permission, and they provide terrific digital artifacts for historical stories.
  • National Archives– billions of images, videos, and digital documents can be found and integrated into projects

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