9.6 Short Film – The Racecaller

Power of Imagination

The Patient

The Patient is a dark and compelling film that makes excellent use of handheld camera movement to craft a realistic and disturbing story. Set largely in a single location and staring only a handful of actors, The Patient demonstrates how keeping your production small can help you create a more polished product.http://lessonbucket.com/vce-media/units-3-4/top-screen/the-patient/

My Spectacular Student Film

When Josh Janssen was planning My Spectacular Student Film, he wasn’t sure what kind of film to make. All he knew is he loved the film making process. So why not make a film about making a film?My Spectacular Student Film demonstrates what can be achieved with a high degree of focus and motivation!http://lessonbucket.com/vce-media/units-3-4/top-screen/my-spectacular-student-film/



Mango Tree

Mango Tree is an endearing stop-motion, music video for the Angus and Julia Stone song Mango Tree. The animation features mango trees being drawn on the side of suburban sheds plus some pretty neat origami birds. The animation is quirky and charming. If you’re interested in doing stop motion animation, also consider checking out the work of Pes on YouTube.


Free Parking

The Fall of SOPA

The Fall of SOPA is a visually stunning example of kinetic typography which looks at the online campaign that shelved the Stop Online Piracy Act. The animation, which was selected for Top Screen 2013, was inspired by the television program Hungry Beast.http://lessonbucket.com/vce-media/units-3-4/top-screen/the-fall-of-sopa/

A Dream within a Dream

A haunting and atmospheric film which visualises Edgar Allan Poe’s A Dream within a Dream. The film features some eye-popping digital compositing to create surreal dreamscapes.http://lessonbucket.com/vce-media/units-3-4/top-screen/a-dream-within-a-dream-2/

Concrete Cage

Concrete Cage is a poignant animation about a man stuck in a dead-end job. The characters are exceptionally well realised and convey a great deal of humanity. Part of the film’s appeal is that it encourages you to believe that the end is going to be bleak before taking the narrative in a completely different direction.http://lessonbucket.com/vce-media/units-3-4/top-screen/concrete-cage/

The Black Pages

The Black Pages is an engaging suspense film about a girl who discovers a telephone book that allows her to contact the dead. In the opening sequence, a beautiful sense of visual composition brings the idyllic country setting to life. The Black Pages demonstrates how important colour correction is to storytelling. Desaturated blues are used to create an ominous and unsettling tone.http://lessonbucket.com/vce-media/units-3-4/top-screen/the-black-pages/

Ball Art

Ball Art, which explores the manufacture of cricket balls, is a great example of motion typography. Shot on a DSLR, the film feature gorgeous depth of field and beautifully composed shots that show every stage of a cricket ball’s construction. The narration is augmented by motion typography that interacts in a seamless and lively way with the footage. If you’re interested in making this type of film, consider checking out some other motion typography on YouTube.http://lessonbucket.com/vce-media/units-3-4/top-screen/ball-art-2/

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