3 Filming

Crop where we can focus on one specific area

Rotation of the film – if it has been filmed on an iPhone, with the camera held in portrait mode it will need to be rotated to landscape

iMovie lessons JPG Slide9

Recording a Narration – click V to get the microphone to appear under the preview window.

As the room is a hub of noise and activity it would be best to record any narration in the music room with Vlad and import the sound file.


Video overlay

Cutaway (works best with either image/image or image/film – if film/film use opacity to show the 2nd film line underneath


Green/blue screen 

Side by Side – puts two films together on the one screen


Split clip to trim off the ends or cut out a piece in the middle – go to Modify/Split clip or Control+click on the clip

Slide5 Slide6

Stabilise a shaky video – highlight the click first

Picture in a picture


Reduce background noise i.e.: for rain on a tin roof


Equalizer – voice, music etc enhance


Video Effects


Information about the clip..


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