5.3 Creating Menus

The next step in the process is to create a basic navigation menu so that your readers can easily find important sections of your site by clicking on the links in the menu.

To do this, click on the “Appearance” tab on the left-menu of your blog administrator area. Then click on “Menus”.


We are going to create a new menu called “Main Menu”. Go ahead and enter that name in the “Menu Name” box and then click “Create Menu”.


Now we can begin adding the items we want to this menu. For our example, I am going to start with adding a link to the homepage of my blog.

To do this I am going to click on “Custom Links”. Then I am going to enter the URL of my blog’s homepage. This is just your domain name with “http://” (without quotes) in front of it. In the case of our example I am using http://scottchow.com

You then need to enter in the “Link Text” which is the text you want to appear in the menu for the link to your homepage. I am going to call this link “Home”.

Once you have entered your URL and link text, click “Add to Menu”.


Let’s add one more item to the navigation menu for now. I am going add a link to a page that I created previously.

To start, click on the “Pages” section of the menu editor.


This will show me all of the pages that I have created so far. If you have not created any pages yet then this area may be blank or may show a “Sample Page”. In order to create a new page go to “Pages” on the left-menu of your blog administrator area and click “Add New”

The page that I want to add to the menu is called “Contact Me”, so I am going to click the checkbox next to that page and then click “Add to Menu”. Then I am going to click “Save Menu” to save the changes I just made.


Now that I have created my menu I need to add the menu to my blog. To do this, click on the “Manage Locations” tab. In this example I want to add the menu we created (“Main Menu”) to the “Primary Menu” area. Just use the drop-down box to do this and click “Save Changes”.