3.2 Discovering the Tools

tools TOOL BAR


 Note:  UNDO is Command + Z

  1. Select the Essential workspace
  2. File/New/Name = Tools
  3. Custom/International Paper /A4/resolution 150/OK
  4. Select white BACKGROUND

Note: Transparency background is used for logos so you don’t have to cut them out

  1. File/ Open /image – Week2Tools.jpg image (given to you from Zoe)
  2. Layers/Duplicate layer to save original image

Note: New Background copy layer

  1. Click on the Background copy layer palette (right side)
  2. Click on Move Tool (Top left tool bar)
  3. Move the image –  (background image is underneath)
  4. Click on the eye next to background and close off the view and move image (see transparency behind
  5. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (Elliptical tool is same just different shape)
  6. Click and drag to draw a rectangle in the top left blank black area
  7. Select brush/change colour to red and paint outside of selection (nothing happens)
  8. Now paint inside the selection
  9. Select Elliptical tool/click and drag to draw a shape top right/ select BRUSH new colour/paint the shape

Note: You can only paint inside the selection – if a small selection is made that you can’t see and nothing works CTRL + D to deselect or/ If it still doesn’t work check your OPACITY & FLOW is not too low or/ Check what layer palette you are working on in layer palette

  1. Select LASOO  Tool/ draw a free hand shape/click at beginning point to close the shape selection/choose new colour/BRUSH/paint inside
  2. CMD (+) or (-) to Zoom in and out
  3.  ZOOM into letter L in LOGO (bottom)
  4. Select POLYGON LASOO tool/Click and DRAG and CLICK around the letter L in logo
  5. Click on Brush/change the colour/paint inside the selection

Note: Hold SHIFT to make a straight line selection

Note: DELETE key or CMD + X deletes inside selection and transparency shows

  1. Select MAGNETIC Tool which follows the shape and follow the whole logo/click to ad points to select evenly
  2. Select brush and colour the whole logo
  3. Select MAGIC WAND tool and click on red rectangle you have drawn to select it
  4. Click on the PS logo (with MAGIC WAND) / Shift + Click to add to selection
  5. CMD + X and delete the blue colour
  6. Select the CLONE tool
  7. Alt + Click and drag mouse over the LIKE tick to be copied/move to new blank area click and previous selection will be drawn
  8. DUPLICATE the layer
  9. ERASER tool – Check HARD edge/ FLOW/OPACITY
  10. CROP tool resizes the image/ Select a portion of the image/drag handles to increase selection/ Click ENTER to accept – size has changed