3.1 Panels and Menus

Enter values in panels, dialog boxes, and the options bar

  • Type a value in the text box, and press Return
  • Drag the slider.
  • Move the pointer over the title of a slider or pop-up slider. When the pointer turns to a pointing finger, drag the scrubby slider to the left or right. This feature is available only for selected sliders and pop-up sliders.
  • Drag the dial.
  • Click the arrow buttons in the panel to increase or decrease the value.
  • (Windows) Click the text box and then use the Up Arrow key and the Down Arrow key on the keyboard to increase or decrease the value.
  • Select a value from the menu associated with the text box.

Panels and Menus

Working with sliders

About pop-up sliders

Some panels, dialog boxes, and options bars contain settings that use pop-up sliders (for example, the Opacity option in the Layers panel). If there is a triangle next to the text box, you can activate the pop-up slider by clicking the triangle. Position the pointer over the triangle next to the setting, hold down the mouse button, and drag the slider or angle radius to the desired value. Click outside the slider box or press Enter to close the slider box. To cancel changes, press the Esc key.

To increase or decrease values in 10% increments when the pop-up slider box is open, hold down Shift and press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key.

pop up sliders

About scrubby sliders

In some panels, dialog boxes, and options bars, you can drag scrubby sliders to change option values. Scrubby sliders are hidden until you position the pointer over the title of sliders and pop-up sliders. When the pointer changes to a pointing finger, you drag to the left or right. Holding down the Shift key while dragging accelerates the scrubbing by a factor of 10.

scrubby sliders

Working with pop-up panels

Pop-up panels provide easy access to available options for brushes, swatches, gradients, styles, patterns, contours, and shapes. You can customize pop-up panels by renaming and deleting items and by loading, saving, and replacing libraries. You can also change the display of a pop-up panel to view items by their names, as thumbnail icons, or with both names and icons.

Click a tool thumbnail in the options bar to show its pop-up panel. Click an item in the pop-up panel to select it.

working with pop up panels